Last negotiations between the czar and Livonians

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December 1557

At the end of 1557, Livonian ambassadors went to Russia again, hoping to calm down the czar's wrath and sign the peace treaty. But they did not have the Tartu tax money demanded by Ivan the Terrible and hoped to get out of the payment or at least put it off. But when they reached Moscow, the czar's ambassadors Ivan Viskovatyi and Aleksei Adashev requested that the tax be paid immediately.

At first, they bargained over the amount of money, but when it became clear the ambassadors do not have the money with them, the czar got angry and refused further negotiations. Livonian ambassadors, headed by Tartu Stift Bailiff Elert Kruse, tried to save the day, promising to pledge personal valuables and also themselves until the money is brought from Livonia, but it was all futile.

The czar also prohibited Moscovian merchants from lending money to Livonians and decided to start a war. Livonian ambassadors were held captive until the war was already in progress, so that they could not warn others.

Mati Laur. Eesti ajalugu varasel uusajal 1550-1800. Tallinn: Eesti Entsüklopeediakirjastus, 1999.

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