Tallinn and Northern Estonia surrender to the Swedish power

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04. June 1561

During 1560 and 1561 the Polish-Lithuanian impact had increased in Livonia which was not conquered by the Russians. The troops of the Polish settled in all most important strongholds, including Tallinn.

Tallinn and Harju-Viru knighthood did not like it at all, they preferred Sweden as the master instead of the catholic Poland. Pursuant to the negotiations with the Swedish new king Erik XIV the knighthood and the city decided to trust themselves in his hands.

Sweden lived in peace with Russia and thus the Tallinners hoped to continue the meanwhile slack Russian trade. On 4 June the knighthood, on 6 June Tallinn officially surrendered to the Swedish power. The order stronghold in Toompea remained at first in the hands of Polish-minded Caspar von Oldenbockum, but on 24 June he had to leave this place.

Sweden appeared to be a very active force in Livonia: by the middle of 1562 he could capture also Paide and Pärnu which were not too carefully protected by the former order troops.

Mati Laur. Eesti ajalugu varasel uusajal 1550-1800. Tallinn: Eesti Entsüklopeediakirjastus, 1999.

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