Pärnu falls into the hands of the Russians

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09. July 1575

In 1575 the Russians went on the offensive against the strongholds in the hands of Poland and Helme, Härgmäe and Ruhja fell into their hands.

On 9 July the Russian troops also conquered Pärnu from the Polish landlords. Thereafter about a half-year gap remained in the military activities, but in 1576 the Russians unexpectedly attacked Denmark and conquered Läänemaa. Haapsalu was conquered on 22 February 1576. In the same summer the Russians also plundered Saaremaa and it is possible that part of it fell into their hands.

 Mati Laur. Eesti ajalugu varasel uusajal 1550-1800. Tallinn: Eesti Entsüklopeediakirjastus, 1999.

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