The Swedes conquer Narva

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06. September 1581

First, the military events of the Swedes against the Russians ended without success. In 1579 Narva could not be conquered and Ivo Schenkenberg, the chief of the military troop of Tallinn's handicraftsmen was captured by the Russians. Regardless of that the city of Tallinn was ready to extradite the imprisoned boyars for getting Ivo Schenkenberg back, he was executed.

In 1581 Pontus De la Gardie, the Swedish commander of the French origin, started a new attack. On 4 March he succeeded in conquering Rakvere, thereafter the forces assembled under Narva. The stronghold was conquered with assault on 6 September and according to chronicles the city was left for 24 hours into the hands of the Swedes to rob and plunder, thus 7000 people had died in the city.

This is still hard to believe as probably the population was not so numerous in the city. Pursuant to conquering Narva the Swedes also captured with less than a year also Läänemaa and Järvamaa and the military activities partly transferred to Ingermanland, but the Swedes also started to besiege Põltsamaa and Pärnu.

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