The Estonian Provisional Government takes power from the German Government.

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11. November 1918

The German occupation over Estonia officially ended on November 11, when Germany surrendered to the Triple Entente with the Treaty of Compiegne.

On the same day, the Estonian Provisional Government resumed its work in Tallinn, without the Prime Minister Päts, who was still in a German prison camp in Poland. On the first meeting,the duties of the Prime Minister were filled by Jaan Poska.

Although with this action, the Provisional Government had formally established its power in Estonia, few German troops were still in Estonia. In several places, such as the railroad, the actual power was still held by the Germans. The final surrender of power over Estonia was on November 19 in Riga, when a representative of the German government, August Winnig, signed the appropriate documents.

This way the Provisional Government could start establishing real power over the Estonian territory. Peaceful building of the country, however, could only go on for 10 days, before the Estonian War of Independence began.

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