The Estonian War of Independence begins.

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28. November 1918

After the defeat of Germany in World War I, Bolshevik Russia annulled the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk and seeked to control all areas previously belonging to the Russian Empire.
Therefore, it started to rally forces to the Estonian border. On November 28, 1918, the Red Army launched its attack against Narva. This is considered as the beginning of the War of Independence.
The Estonian People's Army had just recently been created (on November 16) and their numbers were few: initially only 2200 men. Therefore, by the end of 1918, the Red Army had invaded nearly half of Estonia. By New Year's Eve the invasion was thwarted and on January 7, 1919 the Estonian forces started with counterattack .
By the end of February, Estonian territory was freed from the Red Army, but fierce battles continued. The presence of the British Royal Navy and the volunteers from other countries, especially Finland, were a big moral support for Estonia.

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