The Swedes conquer Paide

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In June 1561 the knighthood of Tallinn and Harju-Viru were surrendered to Sweden, in autumn of the same year the order master Kettler and Riga's archbishop Wilhelm gave themselves under the supreme power of Poland-Lithuania. Thus Paide stronghold was also transferred to the hands of the Polish.

The Swedish king Erik XIV started already at the end of 1561 the capture of Livonian strongholds in the hands of the Polish, by stating that his brother Johan III who married the sister of Zygmunt II, the king of Poland-Lithuania, have received these as the dowry and these should belong to Sweden. In 1562 the Swedes reached also under Paide, the besiege of which lasted for a long time.

The Swedes bombed the stronghold fiercely and organized assaults, but unsuccessfully. Only after a couple of months when the Polish military troop was hungry and no help could be hoped, they surrendered and Paide stronghold and the city were transferred to the hands of the Swedes.

Paide. Eesti Turistide Ühingu Paide osakonna kirjastus, 1938.

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