Kihnu lighthouse

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Kihnu lighthouse situates on the most southern tip of Pitkänä nose. Lighthouse was brought here in 1864 from England dismounted in pieces and was mounted back on the place. It is one of the four cast iron towers that are extant on our shores.

On the photo: Kihnu lighthouse ca 1935. Jaan Vali's collections.

Tower is white, conical shaped and equipped with lamp locker and balcony. The height of the light from the sea level is 31 m and from the ground 29 m.

Unfortunately it is not possible to climb up the tower, but at the foot of lighthouse it will be comfy for you to lay on the grass and daydream in the sea wind! Interesting to know! Tower was built at the same time as Vormsi and Virtsu lighthouses and is similar to them from outside.




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