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  • Signing of the Peace Treaty of Tartu

    Estonia was the first democratic country to sign an official agreement with the Bolshevik regime. This was the Peace Treaty of Tartu, signed on February 2, 1920, which ended the War of Independence. With it, the Soviet Russia acknowledged the independence and sovereignty of Estonia. President … Continue reading

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  • Stories of the first settlements

    A group of hunters and fishermen stop at the right coast of River Pärnu in Pulli about 9000 b.c. The left hearth places, flint, bone and horn objects and crushed wild animal bones, among which one dog bone can be found are up to now the oldest proof about the stay of people in … Continue reading

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  • St. George Night's Uprising

    Uprising of St. George's Night, beginning on April 23, 1343 and lasting for two years, was one of the most significant Estonian revolts during the Middle Ages. Harrien (Harjumaa), Wiek (Läänema) and Ösel (Saaremaa) tried to banish foreign rule for two years. Estonians also showed … Continue reading

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  • Campaigns of Yaroslav the Wise and his successors to Estonia (1030-1061)

    Conquests of the princes of Old-Russia during the XI century seemed to have a clear goal: to subordinate Estonia to their rule. Not only did they pillage and loot, but also built strongholds, e.g. Yuryev's fort onto the location of Tartu, and gathered tribute. The whole campaign, lasting for 30 … Continue reading

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