What is Histrodamus?

Nostradamus (1503-1566) was a French apothecary, who prophesied several historical events. Historia (ἱστορία) means researched knowledge, but also "a story".

Past knowledge helps us to understand today's events, feel the flow of time and present it in stories. The goal of Histrodamus is to offer a modern tool for tackling history, where side by side with texts you can present the events in time and space, and visualize them in audio and video.

Historia est magistra vitae - history is life's teacher.

Histrodamus offers the option to study Estonian history interactively. Stories, events and facts (res gestae) have been intertwined into history (historia rerum gestarum). Representing history in Histrodamus allows you to delve into history writing and compiling, allows you to enjoy the ever evolving process of learning and understanding while reading and watching.


Histrodamus is an ever developing environment. Stay tuned and watch Histrodamus grow, and, if possible, help it along.


Histrodamus has already won several important prizes:

- Oct. 22. 2010. Grand Prize at Estonian Science Popularization Award.

- Feb. 22. 2011. Winner and the Best Estonian e-service in a category of "e-Culture and Heritage" at "Best Estonian e-service 2011" competition.