The goal of Histrodamus is to offer a modern tool for tackling history, where you can, side by side with texts, present the events in time and space, and visualize them in audio and video.

In order to bring the events to you in logical and comprehensible way, we have tied them into stories.
To watch a story, pick one that interests you. Contents of all the stories can be found here. By clicking on Begin story > you will be directed to a map. First, you will be informed that the chosen story will be played.

By clicking on Start the time scale will start moving, beginning with the first event. An icon will appear on the map, marking the place of the event, and a window with an introduction will open. Now sit back in your chair and watch how the story is played, event by event.

If, at one point, you wish to stop the time scale, you can do this by clicking on Stop.

To contiune with the story, click Play.

If you wish to stop and watch the story again, or pick new stories, click Stop and back to the beginning.

When the story has finished, you will be asked if you want to watch the same story again, or choose new stories. If you click Vaata lugu uuesti, the same story will be played again.

When clicking on Close and choose new stories, the story menu Choose stories opens on the bottom left of the page. From there you can choose up to three stories. To pick the stories, check the box in front of the name of the story.

When you have chosen the stories, click Play.

The chosen stories will start playing.

If you wish to find out more about an event, click on the icon of the event  and you will be directed to the page of the event.


You can read more about the event on the given page, also see the references, relations, video- and audio files.
If you find something unclear, do not hestiate to contact our administrator on .