Eesti Elava Ajaloo Keskus is a non-profit organization, that brings together volunteer corporate bodies and natural persons, who are interested in history of Estonia and want to support it's presentation.

1) Aim of the NPO is to collect historical data about Estonia and it's neighboring region, data's systematization and its presentation from different angles;
2) Development and administration of a thorough, interactive, visually informative and dynamic history e-environment;
3) Providing translation and presenting the e-environment in main foreign languages;
4) Collaboration with Estonian and foreign historians and history enthusiasts;
5) Provoking professional international discussion and advancing future research of problematic or little explored fields;


In order to help us to achieve aforementioned goals, we welcome all kinds of help. If you wish to aid us, but are not sure how to achieve this, tell us about your wish and/or question by writing to .

If you are able to help the development of the content (e.g. with photos, notes etc), please write to .

If you wish to support us, you can make a donation to NPO Eesti Elava Ajaloo Keskus, account number 10220088177013 (SEB bank). In payment description please write the number of the goal (see above) you wish to support. This helps us to direct your donation to the specific part of the project.

We wish to keep the Histrodamus/ environment in constant development, and welcome all kinds of help. Whether these are suggestions, tips, hints, books, notes, memoirs etc.

Everyone, who finds Estonian history and topics related to it interesting and important, are welcome to join our NPO. Please send such application to the board of NPO Elava Ajaloo Keskus either by post or by email. You can find the statute of the NPO here.

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Eesti Elava Ajaloo Keskus


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