Jõhvi St. Michael's Church

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The church is mentioned for the first time in relation to a Russian pillage in Virumaa in 1364. Thus it is surmised, that the church was built in the middle of the XIV century. Initially, it was probably a simple quadrangular building without any vaults, standing as part of the fortifications. In the XVI century, the church underwent major changes: a 8-floor high tower and vaults were added.

In the beginning of the Livonian War, Russians were driven back at least once, but later it fell under the attacs of czar Ivan the Cruel, and it was looted. The church was rebuilt but was damaged again in 1703, during the Great Northern War. In 1875, a Neo-Gothic spire was added. It was destroyed in 1941, but restored in 1984.

Image source: http://www.galerii.ee/panoraam/photos/Mihkli_kirik.jpg


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