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  • Republic of Estonia 1918-1940: Great Crisis (1930-1934)

    The global economic crisis of the beginning of the 1930s did not leave Estonia untouched, either. In Estonia, the decline in economy was accompanied by strong political battle brewing where the new radical right movement of the participants of the Estonian War of Independence was more and more … Continue reading

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  • Signing of the Peace Treaty of Tartu

    Estonia was the first democratic country to sign an official agreement with the Bolshevik regime. This was the Peace Treaty of Tartu, signed on February 2, 1920, which ended the War of Independence. With it, the Soviet Russia acknowledged the independence and sovereignty of Estonia. President … Continue reading

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  • The Livonian War (1558-1583)

    The Livonian war was a conflict that was launched with the invasion of the army of Ivan the Terrible into Livonia in January 1558. The confrontation that had started off as the Russian-Livonian war soon expanded when the Old Livona collapsed and was divided between Denmark, Sweden and … Continue reading

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  • Foreign Estonians and emigration

    Overview of the emigration of the Estonians and new residences of the foreign Estonians from the middle of the 19th century up to the end of the 20th century. … Continue reading

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